Talent Solutions

Imetris can provide its expertise  in  identifying and deploying the right talent  required for complex project initiatives. The key to our success is our method of working closely, in partnership with clients, to create a customized staffing plan. We can help you with your temporary staffing as well as your permanent staffing needs.

Contract Staffing
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Contract Staffing

Get on-demand support, on-site, hybrid or remote.

When our clients require to ramp up their development team at short notice  or critical employees are out, we have you covered. Our contract talent can get to work seamlessly in a model of your choice  on-site, remote or hybrid.

Imetris has a competitive edge in regard to its competition, in the following areas.
Quality and Commitment

Our commitment to clients is to provide a level of service and support that is unmatched in our industry, while consistently aligning our service delivery model to your needs as they change and evolve.

Experienced Sourcing Team and Domain Expertise

Our expert recruitment team understands the importance of resources for those who have worked in your domain. We find the best talent for you and filter them based on their technology skills and experience in your specific domain such as healthcare, banking, insurance, telecom, technology, and manufacturing.

Employee Training and Development

We have an ongoing training and development program  to help our employees stay current with new frameworks and technologies and  increase their overall output. Our value-added training empowers our employees work more independently with confidence.

High Employee Satisfaction and retention rate

We value our talent! We pay attention to employees and gain their trust through our generous package of compensation and benefits.

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